©2008 Arnaud Bouchez

LVCL - 'Light VCL' - as its name states, is a "light" version of the VCL Delphi library. It's compatible with DFM forms: just extract in some directory, put this LVCL directory in your Project/Options/Path/SearchPath directory list (to override standard Borland library), and your .EXE will shrink from 300KB to 30KB... Perfect for some programs (installation, server, background tool...)


That’s no magic, only optimization to the only-needed features of a minimal Delphi application!


Download the full source code for free.
"Christmas 2009" updated version.


Notes about SysUtils.pas:

  • Some routines are improved/faster than original
  • Simple but sufficient TThread support
  • Dates have a fixed format: 'YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss'
  • format() supports %% %s %d %x %.prec? %index:?
  • Cross-Platform: Windows or Linux


Notes about Classes/Controls/ExtCtrls/Graphics/Forms:

  • compatible with the standard .DFM files
  • only use existing properties in your DFM, otherwise you'll get error on startup
  • TForm can be easily minimized to tray
  • Implements TButton, TCheckBox, TEdit, TLabel, TMemo, TBrush, TCanvas, TFont, TPen, TPicture, TImage, TStream, TMemoryStream, TResourceStream, TReader, TList, TStringList


More details are available in the source code.

This source is based on VCL Light by Paul Toth, from which I took the principles and just went further.


The Secure Notepad uses LVCL - don’t forget to take a look at its source!