©2008 Arnaud Bouchez

If you hear all around only about Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby or C#, don’t forget to consider Object Pascal: it is a fast, reliable, modern, complete, efficient, clear and easy language for computer programming!


IMHO, Object Pascal, with the free pascal professional compiler (32 and 64 bit, for different processors and OS), is always in the race.


Just consider how much memory this “new” platforms / languages use, and try to implement a full-text engine such as the one used in Ictus, or try to build an alternative to my Roc client, which needs no installation and is only a 300KB executable with full database and GIS access, without the headaches of C/C++ :)


So I wanted to join the open-source community, and share some of the routines I use every day.


The proof by the source:

Don't forget to take a look at another project of mine, released in the Synopse web site.
The Synopse SQLite3 database Framework interfaces the SQlite3 database engine into pure Delphi code: database access, User Interface generation, security, i18n and reporting are handled in a safe and fast Client/Server AJAX/RESTful model.