©2008 Arnaud Bouchez

This pages will show you some of my projects.


For more than 10 years, my Ictus Win is a world-wide used research software, about Bible and its interpretation in light of the catholic Tradition and Teaching, with appropriate theological commentaries and exegesis.


For the French Army, I developed an unique and easy software for Military Intelligence: it features full customizable database, file and pictures indexation, a simple but efficient geographic information system (GIS), secure client/server architecture, easy export (in Word or CSV files) and read-only access version on USB keys.


Do you need to burn a CD from an .iso image file? Don’t buy a 50 bucks software, just download my free ISO CD burner, and get it easy burnt - with no aim nor flame on your budget. It can compute fast MD5 checksum check, if you need it. Free software


Then comes a very tiny (40KB) secure notepad: it's a Safe/StrongBox/Coffer notepad and file cipher utility. Use  AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption, free to use, Delphi source code included. Free software


The last one is MicroPic, a simple picture resizing tool for your web sites, which can use the fast Intel Jpeg Library. Free software