©2008 Arnaud Bouchez

For the French Army, I developed an unique and easy software for Military Intelligence: it features a full customizable database, with text, files and pictures indexation, a simple but efficient geographic information system (GIS), secure client/server architecture, easy export (in Word or CSV files) and read-only access client program on USB keys.


Although it is only available in french for now, the official Roc Armées web site can show you some of the possibilities of this genuine piece of software.


All the fields and tables of the database are customizable: you just have to edit one text file, and all corresponding fields and tables are updated. The GIS system uses the MGRS standard, full-text search is based on the Ictus Win engine, and security was implemented from the database kernel. Data is encrypted and compressed, both on disk and network.


The client user interface features real-time database query, GIS consultation and fast export. As it needs no installation, just double-click and launch it anywhere from your network (the client executable is only 300 KB) - but faster, easier to use and more secure than any Web 2.0 Application. As it is safe, easy to install, and needs little memory and network bandwidth, it’s perfect for military usage, even from laptops on remote places.


See some screen shots or read the manual of the ROC (“Renseignement Opérationnel Centralisé” - “Operational Centralized Intelligence”), solid as the Rock!